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Polaire Portable AC – Latest Polaire Air Conditioner Consumer Reviews Report

July 9, 2020 GMT

Syosset, NY, United States, July 9 2020 (Wiredrelease) SABA COMMUNICATIONS INC Polaire AC is a portable air conditioner that beats traditional air conditioners for several reasons. The cooler is light weight and compact, which makes it easy to carry from room to room for personal cooling. Moreover, it doesnt require any installation or professional maintenance. Instead, the air cooler is easy to set up and convenient to use.

The maintenance of Polaire Portable AC is also DIY, use a cleaning cloth and disinfectant and thats all. Not to forget, the device can help you save on your electricity bills, what more can a person ask for!

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Heres the thing: weve all been tolerating air conditioners and their all-time increasing costs just because of the heat. For one, traditional ACs are costly to install and maintain. Secondly, all the noise can disturb your comfort. Lastly and most importantly, their cooling is limited to only one room.

This means that youre basically bearing all the costs only for sitting in one room all day long because the air conditioner works there. Thats not fair, isnt it? Well, lucky for you, theres an alternate to all these issues and it comes with the following name Polaire Portable AC.

Polaire AC Review: Polaire air conditioner is the right way to beat the summer heat. You can take this device to any room including your home office and kitchen and itll instantly cool your surroundings. Not only that, the device comes with an in built filter that removes dust and germs from the air, which makes it perfect for indoor use.

The device is lightweight, compact-sized, and sleek-designed. All this makes it easy to shift from one room to another. Whats more, you dont have to deal with a mess of wires as you use and move this device. Instead, it features a type C USB charger, which means you only to need to charge the air cooler and its ready to blow cold air your way.

On top of this major benefit of portability, Polaire air conditioner is whisper quiet as its official website describes it. This rings true as it gives away between 25-50 decibels of sound only, offering you peace of mind along with the cooling.

But thats not the only interesting bit, the best part is that traditional air conditioners give off between 60-80 decibels in sound with fans making as much as 70-90 decibels noise.

Polaire air conditioner scores several points over traditional cooling systems, for instance, it is eco-friendly and energy-efficient, helping you save not only your money but also the environment. Plus, it is currently available at a half price with free shipping making it irresistible not to buy.

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Unique features of Polaire AC:

As mentioned by several Polaire AC reviews, this device shows some incredible features that make it worth the purchase. Here is a walkthrough some of the most outstanding characteristics:


Polaire air cooler doesnt run on electricity round the clock, which naturally saves you from soaring electricity bills. Its charging takes between 7.5 -12.5 W a stark difference when you look at ACs consuming 300+ W.


Unlike air conditioners and fans, this air cooler is Freon free. This makes it safe for family use.


The air cooler comes with a removable water tank with an enhanced leakage proof system. This speaks volumes of the devices durability.

Comes with both a humidifier and purifier

This air cooling system also humidifies the air, which is an option that fans and traditional air conditioning doesnt offer. On top of that, the device purifies the air it blows your way, making it safe to use indoors.


Another noteworthy feature that the Polaire Portable AC offers is convenience in installation, set up, and use. Heres a breakdown of all three pointers mentioned:

Easy installation: Installing this device is no rocket science and it also doesnt require any specialized knowledge. In fact, theres no installation required as well. You only need to set it up properly.

Simple set up: When you get the device, fill the water tanks with water and put in place the adjustable water curtain. Then turn it on to enjoy instant cooling.

Straightforward usage: Using it as simple as turning it on and off as per your need. The only thing you need to be mindful about is its battery life. Make sure you charge it on time so you can use it whenever you need it.

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Perhaps this is the leading feature that makes Polaire air conditioner the best alternative to traditional air conditioners. The cooling is not limited to one room. Instead, it goes wherever you go.

Excellent social proof

There are lots of people raving about this air cooler with some making the most of it by using it in the bathroom. Besides positive Polaire AC review by online consumers, proving lots of people trust this device, the manufacturers have already sold over one million units. Again, this highlights people trust this device a lot.

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How Does Polaire Portable AC Work?

Polaire air conditioner works on the simple principle of evaporation. Here is what happens:

The cartridge gets soaked with water

This water then evaporates from the cartridges surface

The installed fan in the air cooler blows the evaporated and cool air your way

This proves that the entire working process is natural and doesnt rely on any chemicals or environment damaging components to deliver cool air to you. Be sure to be at the center of the devices airflow and have the grills facing you for getting the most of the cooling. Note that this air cooler is designed for personal cooling, so it chills your surrounding instantly.

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Benefits of Polaire AC:

Polaire AC unit is a useful addition to your house for several reasons. Firstly, its presence means you dont have to drip in sweat from top to toe because the air cooler takes care of your personal cooling. Whats more, you can carry it everywhere you go indoor.

Secondly, using it all the time does not mean that it will cost you a fortune. Since the air cooler is energy efficient, consuming less power, your bills are low. This helps you save money in the long haul.

Thirdly, the device showcases a stylish design. It is compact and lightweight, which makes it easy to shift from room to room. The sleek design also means that you can keep the air cooler on full display even as you have guests over at your place.

Not to mention, your installation costs are also zero because there is no special installation required here. You can set it up as well as clean it up yourself. Hence, you dont have to set money apart for its maintenance and installation.

Lastly, there is also a lightening glow with the device. This means you can get a soft glow when you turn off the lights, making it further easy for you to enjoy the cool air blowing your way.

Where to Buy Polaire AC, Pricing and Money Back Guarantee?

Polaire air conditioner is presently available at a 50% off on the official website, which is a great reduction for all those interested in buying it. To sweeten the deal further, the device is available to you free of shipping costs. It is worth mentioning that this portable air cooler is not available on Amazon or at local stores. Interested consumers should only get this device from the official supplier. See below for cost details:

1 unit costs only $89

2 units for $122

3 units for $156

Polaire AC Reviews Verdict

In a nutshell, this device is among the best evaporative air cooler with a leakage control system. It is currently available at a budget-friendly pricing, which makes it worth the investment. Not to mention, Polaire AC is portable, energy efficient, and easy to use all features that add brownie points to its favor. A cherry on top is the no noise tech, which makes it almost quiet as compared to other cooling alternatives.

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