South Dakota weather at its worst

April 17, 2018

I don’t know about all of you, but I’m pretty sick of this weather we’ve been having.

Over the past few weeks, a tremendous amount of sporting events have been cancelled or postponed due to snow and/or wintry weather. The first week of April saw everything get postponed or cancelled. Until Tuesday’s Bob Judson Invitational and Henry Weller Invitational in Kadoka, neither the Pierre, Stanley County or Sully Buttes track teams had competed in an outdoor track meet. It’s been next to impossible for golf to get underway, since you can’t practice on a snow covered course.

So what does next week entail for our area sports teams?

According to weather.com, Wednesday will see less than an inch of snow fall, while also having a 50 percent chance of precipitation. The National Weather Service in Sioux Falls said a wintry mix of rain, sleet and snow will start on Tuesday, and head into Wednesday. Friday will see both rain and freezing rain throughout the day

It’s gotten to the point that, as a sports reporter, I’m surprised when sporting events actually happen. Last Thursday’s Track-O-Rama in Rapid City was written down on all schedules as happening on Friday, but it was moved up a day to Thursday due to the weather. If any sporting event this week actually happens, given the forecasted weather and the remnants of this past weekend’s storm still being felt, I’ll be surprised.

The impact of this recent blizzard isn’t just being felt in South Dakota. The Minnesota Twins-Chicago White Sox series that was to be held at Target Field in Minneapolis had it’s final three games postponed, causing the Twins’ National League rivals the Milwaukee Brewers to make fun of them on social media for not having a stadium with a roof. The Cubs played the Braves at Wrigley Field in Chicago in a game that Cubs manager Joe Maddon said the teams should not have been playing in. On Saturday night, while nursing a stomach ache from eating some bad pizza that I made myself, I decided to watch the Los Angeles Angels play the Kansas City Royals in what the Fox Sports 1 crew dubbed “The Snow Globe Game.”

The fact of the matter is that we can’t control the weather. Having lived in South Dakota all 27 years of my life, I can tell you that these things happen. It doesn’t mean that I like it. In the end, sports are probably the last things most of us in this area need to really concern ourselves about. Just down the road in Murdo, a farmer has lost one cow and four calves. Many farmers in the area will have to wait until the snow melts to assess the full damage to their crops and livestock. Eggs are getting recalled all over the nation due to salmonella concerns. The United States dropped bombs on Syria, which if you watch the news, means we’re going into World War 3. It seems silly to complain about weather cancelling and postponing sporting events when things like that are going on. Let’s just hope that when the weather clears up, and the track meets, golf tournaments and baseball games are actually had, that the teams are ready to go.