Trump Visit Brings Out Supporters, Opposition

October 10, 2016 GMT

WILKES-BARRE — There’s another Trump truck in town, although this one has a very different message. Gene Stilp, an activist who lives near Harrisburg and a former candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives, drove a red pickup truck to Wilkes-Barre on Monday. The truck and its giant blue screw mounted on top had a two-word message from Stilp and his friend Chip Facka, 47, of Lewisburg: “Screw Trump.” “Obviously, we’re not Trump supporters,” Stilp said. Driving up the Susquehanna River and then from Lewisburg to its destination, the two encountered honks of supports and some gestures of disapproval. “We’re good Democrats. We want to see Trump not be President of the United States. It’s important to put it in graphic terms on the highways and byways of Pennsylvania,” Stilp said. Trump has come under criticism for crude language, most recently for a tape of a 2005 interview in which he was heard describing a desire to grab women by their genitals and kiss them without consent. Stilp said his message is also crude for a reason. “I put it in basic terms so Trump will understand,” he said. The truck parked on S. Washington St. in front of The Citizens’ Voice before 4 p.m. The two planned to visit the Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza after, where Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is scheduled to speak at 7 p.m. People were lining up at the arena ahead of the campaign event to hear their candidate, with some showing up before dawn. The doors at the arena opened at 4 p.m. for the event. Trump was in Ambridge, Pennsylvania earlier Monday before the event at the arena. bwellock@citizensvoice.com 570-821-2051, @CVBillW