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Basketball, Earl Warren and Cole Porter Set for 1991 Stamps

December 17, 1990 GMT

WASHINGTON (AP) _ Former Chief Justice Earl Warren, songwriter Cole Porter, the game of basketball and the effort to explore space are among the subjects planned for the nation’s 1991 postage stamps.

The year is expected to lead off with a flower stamp, carrying no cost denomination, and a so-called make-up-rate stamp.

New postage rates are expected to take effect in late January or early February, with a 30-cent first class charge considered likely.

But the rate won’t be determined until the Postal Rate Commission reports next month, so non-denominated stamps have been printed to handle any eventuality.


As with past rate changes, the stamps carry a letter, and the progression is up to ″F.″ This stamp will carry a flower design to match the letter, much as the last such stamp, lettered E, carried an image of the Earth.

In addition, the make-up stamp will be valued at the amount of the cost increase - which means that adding it to a 25-cent stamp will equal the new rate. The design for this stamp hasn’t been disclosed yet.

The first regular stamp issue of 1991 will come on Jan. 25 as a 4-cent coil stamp featuring a steam carriage. Part of the transportation series, the first issue will occur in Tucson, Ariz.

A 50-cent stamp will be issued Feb. 22 jointly in Washington and Berne, Switzerland, commemorating Switzerland’s 700th anniversary.

The 200th anniversary of Vermont statehood will be observed in March with a stamp to be released in Bennington.

The face value of this and many other stamps to be issued in 1991 will be determined by the decision in the pending rate case.

On April 1, New York will be the scene for the issue of a postal card commemorating the 100th anniversary of Carnegie Hall.

Also in April, a Great Americans stamp will be issued in Albuquerque, N.M., honoring former Senator Denis Chavez. A stamp featuring a flag over Mt. Rushmore will be released at Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota, and a stamp showing the U.S. flag and Olympic rings will be issued.

Savings bonds will be featured on a stamp to be issued May 1 in Washington and another flag stamp will be issued May 30 in Waterloo, N.Y.

Honolulu will be the issue site May 9 for two new ″Love″ stamps.

The annual Literary Arts stamp will feature William Saroyan, being issued May 22 jointly in Fresno, Calif., and Yerevan, Soviet Union.

A Great Americans stamp honoring former Vice President Hubert Humphrey will be issued May 27 in Minneapolis.

The Cole Porter stamp will be issued June 8 in Peru, Ind.

Also in June, the ″Old Red″ administration building at the University of Texas’ Galveston branch will be featured on a postal card.

A $1 Olympic logo stamp will be issued in June, and a summer Olympics set of five stamp designs will be released in Los Angeles in July.

The Antarctic Treaty will be featured on an air mail stamp set for June 21 in Washington.

A commemorative stamp to honor coin collecting will be issued Aug. 13 in Chicago.

A sheet of 10 stamp designs will recall World War II. It is scheduled for issue in August, but the date and place have not been determined.

Springfield, Mass., where basketball was invented, will be the site for the issuance of a stamp commemorating the birth of that sport. It will be released Aug. 26.

Washington will be the site for a District of Columbia commemorative stamp Sept. 7. The 200th anniversary of the Bill of Rights will be marked by a stamp to be issued in September in Richmond, Va.

And a booklet with five designs honoring comedians also will be issued in September, the site yet to be announced.

Space exploration will be commemorated in 10 different stamp designs, scheduled for release as a booklet Oct. 1 in Pasadena, Calif.

A stamped envelope commemorating the magazine industry is scheduled for issue in Naples, Fla., in October, the same month that a stamp will appear recalling the World Columbia Exhibition.

A postal card noting the University of Notre Dame administration building will be released Oct. 13 in South Bend, Ind.

The traditional Christmas stamp will be issued in Houston and the contemporary version in Santa, Ind., both on Oct. 17.

Dates have not been determined for three stamps. The Earl Warren stamp, which will be issued in Washington; a Black Heritage stamp featuring Jan Matzelinger will be released in Lynn, Mass., and a booklet of five stamps featuring fishing flies also will be issued. Matzelinger invented a machine that revolutionized the shoemaking industry.

A sheet of 50 wildflowers, originally planned for 1991, has been postponed until 1992.