MCC welcomes new J.V. football, volleyball coaches

August 23, 2016 GMT

SCOTTVILLE — Mason County Central high school is welcoming two new members to their junior varsity coaching staff team for the 2016-2017 school year.

The MCC school board voted unanimously to hire John Chalko and Amy Smith for the positions of J.V. football coach and J.V. volleyball coach, respectively.

Chalko and Smith were recommended to the board by both Principal Brad Jacobs and MCC Athletic Director Tim Genson.

Chalko is currently serving as the Student Success Specialist at the high school. He has been an assistant J.V. baseball coach at MCC, and has additional experience coaching high school wrestling and swimming.

″(He) has a solid background with interscholastic football,” Genson wrote in his recommendation.

“I feel I can provide a positive coaching environment to all the players I interact with, along with encouraging them to give their best effort,” Chalko wrote in his letter of intent. “I believe in hard work, and I will always provide my best effort towards the team.”

Amy Smith is a former varsity volleyball player herself, and has a total of 8 seasons of coaching experience.

Smith has previously worked for MCC as an elementary special education teacher — a position she is returning to this year in addition to her coaching duties.

Upper Elementary Principal Kevin Kimes said Smith is “really excited to be coming back.”

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