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CT man wins $1 million prize on $10 ticket

February 28, 2019 GMT

Imagine winning $785,000 in the lottery.

It recently happened to Richard Wilson, of Somers.

Wilson received the big money from a winning Premiere Play ticket that he claimed on Monday at CT Lottery headquarters in Rocky Hill.

He bought the ticket at a Mobil gas station/convenience story on Main Street (Route 190).

It’s unknown if Wilson bought the ticket on a whim or if it’s a place where he often buys CT Lottery tickets.

Unlike other big lottery winners, Wilson declined an interview with lottery officials or have his photo taken holding a big fat check.

It’s understandable that some people want to lay low.


His named and prize amount appeared of the lottery’s web site this week.

The Premiere Play scratch ticket costs $10. The game that started in September 2018, has a total of $60 million in prizes.

There are four top prizes of $1 million each. After Wilson’s win, three $1 million tickets are out there.

The $1 million prize is paid out in a annuity that lasts several years.

Wilson chose to take a lump sum payment of $785,000.

The game also has eight $100,000 prizes, with six still in play.

Also, eighteen $25,000 prizes with 15 still not claimed.

What’s the most common prize amount for a winning ticket?

Ten dollars.

In fact, there’s 1,176,751 ten dollar prize winning tickets in the game.

It’s a prize where you break even ... or use the $10 buy another scratch-off ticket.