MLB proposes to push back pitch clock till 2022: Report

February 27, 2019 GMT

Major League Baseball sent the players’ association a proposal Tuesday that includes an offer to push back the implementation of a pitch clock until at least 2022, ESPN’s Jeff Passan reported.

Baseball was starting to roll out a 20-second pitch clock this spring training in an effort to speed up the game. The idea is far from universally popular. Washington Nationals pitcher Max Scherzer was among the players who complained.

“As players, it just shouldn’t be in the game. Having a pitch clock, if you have ball-strike implications, that’s messing with the fabric of the game. There’s no clock in baseball and there’s no clock in baseball for a reason,” Scherzer told The Associated Press.


The league and the players’ association are negotiating back and forth on the rule changes with opening day coming March 28, one month from Thursday.

Another, perhaps more controversial attempt to help pace of play is to install a three-batter-minimum rule for pitchers. That way, in the late innings of games, managers cannot trot out reliever after reliever to get out one or two batters in specific situations.

The league offered “not to revisit” the pitch clock issue until 2022 because the current collective bargaining agreement ends after the 2021 season. With a slow-moving free agency for some top free agents for the second year in a row, some observers are predicting labor tension when time comes to negotiate a new CBA.