Democratic contributions help Karofsky outpace Kelly

March 31, 2020 GMT

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Wisconsin Supreme Court hopeful Jill Karofsky raised more than twice as much money during the last two months as incumbent Justice Daniel Kelly, new campaign finance reports show.

Karofsky raised $1.42 million between Feb. 4 and March 23 and had $643,805 on hand. So far this year she’s raised $2.05 million. About $1.3 million has come from the state Democratic Party.

Kelly, by comparison, raised $591,789 during the last two months and had $396,309 on hand. This year he’s raised $779,253, bolstered by $65,380 from the state Republican Party.

Kelly and Karofsky will face off in Tuesday’s spring election. State Supreme Court races are offically nonpartisan, but both parties routinely throw their support behind candidates they believe share their ideological leanings.


Kelly was appointed by former Republican Gov. Scott Walker and has been endorsed by President Donald Trump. Kelly is a circuit judge in Dane County, a liberal stronghold, and has been soliciting support from Democrats for months.