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Turkish Attache Attacked in Greece

March 29, 1998 GMT

ATHENS, Greece (AP) _ Leftist arsonists torched a car belonging to Turkey’s military attache in Athens on Sunday, causing some damage but no injuries.

The attack occurred near Col. Haluk Arabacibasa’s home in the Paleo Faliro suburb south of the city center. According to the fire department, the torching caused about $3,000 in damage to the vehicle.

A leftist group calling itself Conscientious Arsonists claimed responsibility for the attack but did not give a reason for it or spell out specific political demands.

There was no indication that the group was targeting Turks.

The group has in the past few months claimed it torched dozens of cars belonging to foreigners around Athens. Copycat attacks by unknown perpetrators have also targeted cars of government agencies and people with government or foreign license plates.

Arabacibasa’s car has diplomatic license plates. Sources at the Turkish embassy said officials had in recent months asked the government to supply its diplomats with Greek plates to help avoid such attacks.

The Conscientious Arsonists have expressed support for Nikos Matziotis, a leftist and self-proclaimed anarchist arrested earlier this year for carrying out small bombings, mostly against government offices.

There have been no injuries in any of the attacks.