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Beaver Dam ReStore works at filling a neighborhood need

August 14, 2018

There is something missing on the south side of Beaver Dam and the Habitat for Humanity – ReStore, 1022 Madison St., is looking at filling that need.

Although there are children on Madison Street and the surrounding areas, ReStore Manager Laura Beth Goral said there is neither a park nor a school for the children to gather and play. For that reason, the northern portion of the ReStore parking lot is being transformed into a playground.

Goral recently created a Facebook page called Playground Movement – Beaver Dam over the weekend to begin getting assistance to get the parking lot ready for children to play in it.

The Playground Movement is a Blue Zones-themed area hub, Goral said.

“They wanted a hub in that area and we thought it would be a great idea to create a playground urban park,” Goral said. “The children don’t have access to a school or city park and they already use that area to ride bikes on or to play baseball.”

The Facebook page will be used to make calls for action. Goral said they need someone who has the equipment to clean the parking lot area up for the park. Then there may be a call to spray the weeds.

The paint and equipment has been purchased already, Goral said.

“We have things like 50 jump ropes and balls,” Goral said.

Beaver Dam Mayor Becky Glewen has donated a basketball hoop, but there will be a need for someone to set the basketball hoop in cement.

There will be things added like outdoor Twister, hopscotch and four square.

While the playground will be available at other times, Goral said there will be supervised playground times.

Eventually, Goral said she wants a mural to be painted on the wall in celebration of the play area.

Anyone who wants to be involved or donate to the park can like the Playground Movement – Beaver Dam Facebook page or text Goral at 920-344-5769 to find out more.