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Life is always changing, so there’s always something new, exciting on horizon

May 17, 2019 GMT

Change is inevitable, and to resist it is futile. The good news is that change brings with it the opportunity for new learning and growth. Change offers benefits to those who are able to adapt and experience transformation in a positive way.

In order for a flower to bloom, it must first break through the soil to the light of day. For a child to become an adult, they must go through all the changes life brings in order to develop fully as an individual. As you age, learning and growth never stop, if you are to remain open to all the bounty life and faith have to offer. This is true whether learning a new skill, meeting new friends or embracing new levels of spiritual development.


Yes, sometimes change can be somewhat challenging. Circumstances change, and so do relationships. But for those who acclimate to all the joys that change can bring, a whole new world of valuable experiences awaits.

This can be a time to rekindle one’s enthusiasm for life.

Exciting new changes are underway at Parkway Place.

New changes have come to Parkway Place in Houston, where they have recently implemented a sweeping set of renovations and fresh decor.

Once you enter the gracious interior of Parkway Place, the inspired design of the new renovations is everywhere to be seen. A lovely courtyard invites a few moments of relaxation and repose.

Beautiful new furniture, carpet and window coverings grace both the common areas and the well-designed apartments. There is a new state-of-the-art skilled nursing center, offering private suites. The memory care neighborhood and assisted living have also undergone significant renovations.

A new cafe welcomes residents and their guests, offering a sumptuous addition to Parkway Place’s newly upgraded dining venues.

To learn more about Parkway Place, call 281-556-9200, or better yet — stop by and be a guest for lunch. Visit www.bucknerparkwayplace.org.