Where Else Would Baker-Polito Be on Election Eve? The Owl Diner

November 5, 2018 GMT

LOWELL -- A day before the midterm elections, Gov. Charlie Baker ended his campaign in Lowell where he began it four years ago at the Owl Diner.

Baker and Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito chatted, shook hands and took selfies with Owl Diner customers Monday morning. As campaigning comes to an end, Polito said three things come to mind: people, places and partnerships.

“The best ideas have come from the people of this commonwealth,” she said. “It has been such an honor to get to know you, to work with you and make a difference with you.”

Both Polito and Baker prided themselves on working collaboratively across party lines.


“I would hope that if nothing else, one of the things we’ve managed to do over the last four years is to make this notion that it’s a team sport, something that people appreciate and understand,” Baker said.

The diner was crowded with members of the press, customers and local elected officials, like Rep. Dave Nangle, Mayor Bill Samaras and a number of past and present city councilors. Nangle, a Democratic, said the best decision he has made in the past 20 years as a legislator was endorsing Baker.

“When they came in there was a billion-dollar structural deficit,” Nangle said. “Here we are four years later, we have a billion-dollar surplus because we have a governor that is running this state like a CEO and we should be proud to have him as our governor.”

Nangle pointed to a number of projects the governor has helped, including Lowell’s Hamilton Canal District.

Mary Burns, of Lowell, a Baker campaign operative, said having Baker and Polito in office has been “quite a ride.”

It has been unbelievable what they have done for Lowell, what they have done for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and what they’ve done personally for me,” she said.

Theresa Masterson, of Lowell, said he appreciates Baker not making decisions strictly based on the Republican party.

Owl Diner owner Tom Shanahan said it has been unbelievable what Baker has done for the state and the city of Lowell.

“He’s a really top shelf guy and Karyn Polito, too,” Shanahan said. “He’s a great asset, just look at the economy.”

The general election is Tuesday. Baker and Polito are up against Democratic candidates Jay Gonzalez, for governor, and Quentin Palfrey for lieutenant governor. All polls have had the Baker-Polito ticket cruising to re-election.

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