O’Hara church honors St. Francis with pet blessing

October 6, 2018
Local Girl Scouts hosted a pet collection drive at St. Joe’s in O’Hara, where on Oct. 3, the Rev. Thom Miller blessed four-legged creatures. Shown here are Eliza Davis, with Fred, Sage Good, with Dottie, and Annalese Bartolacci, with Roxy.

A special pet blessing was hosted on Wednesday at St. Joe’s Parish in O’Hara, with the Rev. Thom Miller paying tribute to the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi.

Miller blessed several four-legged friends, including those accompanying members of Girl Scout Troop 52251, which is hosting a special collection for pet items.

Eliza Davis, Sage Good and Annalese Bartolacci brought their pups Fred, Dottie and Roxy to be blessed.

The girls will continue to collect pet food, treats and toys through Oct. 7 at the church, 342 Dorseyville Road.

A box will be available in the church narthex for people to donate bags of food for dogs, cats or rabbits, along with hay and litter.

Troop members will donate the items to the Animal Friends Chow Wagon, which assists pet owners who are facing economic struggles by providing them with food and other care items for their animals.