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Jack Anderson TV Special Concludes JFK Victim Of Mob Conspiracy

November 3, 1988 GMT

Undated (AP) _ John F. Kennedy was the victim of a conspiracy involving an alliance of American mobsters and the Cuban government, according to a prime-time TV special Wednesday night hosted by investigative columnist Jack Anderson.

″There was a conspiracy to kill President Kennedy and for the last 25 years there has been a conspiracy to cover it up,″ Anderson said on the live two-hour program that featured old film footage, live interviews and ″dramatic re-enactments.″

The syndicated program, ″American Expose: Who Murdered JFK,″ was based largely on previously disclosed theories and reports linking the Nov. 22, 1963, slaying with the American mob and Cuban government.

In the 25 years since the assassination, scores of books, articles and TV programs have produced a wide range of conspiracy theories that point the finger alternately at organized crime, the CIA and Cuba.

The Warren Commission, appointed by Lyndon Johnson after the assassination, concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in the slaying. The House Select Committee on Assassinations later concluded that Kennedy probably was the victim of a conspiracy and that there was a second gunman who fired at Kennedy.

Anderson’s theory is based on interviews he conducted with Johnny Roselli, a Las Vegas crime boss and top lieutenant to the late Chicago mob chieftain Sam Giancana.

Roselli, who was cooperating with a Senate investigators when he was killed in 1976, told Anderson and others that he learned of the alleged conspiracy through mob sources.

Anderson believes Cuban leader Fidel Castro wanted to kill Kennedy after learning of alleged CIA plots to kill Castro. And La Cosa Nostra leaders in the United States wanted the president dead because of his administration’s crusade against the mob led by his brother, Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy.

Anderson said reputed Miami mob chief Santos Trafficante, alleged New Orleans mob boss Carlos Marcello and Teamsters chief Jimmy Hoffa all had ″motive and means to kill the president.″

And he reiterated reports linking both Oswald and his assassin, Jack Ruby, to organized crime. Oswald, a pro-Castro activist, was recruited by Cuba to kill JFK and Ruby was recruited by mobsters to kill Oswald, according to Anderson. The columnist also asserted that Ruby and Oswald met in the weeks prior to the assassination.


The program also presented a private company’s computer enhancement of photographs of Kennedy, concluding that the shot that killed him was fired from the front. Oswald was positioned behind the presidential motorcade in a sixth floor room of the nearby Texas School Book Depository.

In a bizarre allegation, Anderson said the same photo analysts also concluded that a picture of three hobos near the shooting scene taken shortly after the killing appear to show Watergate conspirator E. Howard Hunt and James Earl Ray, the killer of Martin Luther King Jr. Hunt denied that charge on the show. Anderson gave no explanation of their alleged connection.

The program also featured live interviews with Marina Oswald Porter, Oswald’s who testified before the Warren Commission. She said she felt manipulated by the commission ″to make Lee a guilty party. ... I was very young and immature and naive.″

Anderson also charged that Johnson covered up the conspircy, fearing public disclosure of the alleged CIA plots to kill Castro would provoke a world war with the Soviet Union. He provided no evidence to back up that claim.