Socialist protesters ready to ‘resist’ Donald Trump’s MAGA rally in Michigan

March 28, 2019 GMT

President Trump will be on friendly, enthusiastic turf when he appears at a Make America Great Again rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on Thursday his 18th rally in the state. Some 12,000 people are expected, according to local officials.

“This visit is proof that the president is making Michigan a priority in 2020, and the Michigan Republican Party will do everything in our power to deliver our state’s 16 electoral votes to his re-election,” said Michigan GOP chairwoman Laura Cox, who noted that Michigan’s unemployment rate is at a 49-year low and that the states auto industry has added more than 7,000 jobs.

Not all of the people flocking to Grand Rapids are friendly, though.

Protesters and spectators will be on hand to greet Mr. Trump, including a group toting a giant, airborne “Trump Baby” balloon. Representatives from the Socialist Alternative, a national political organization, are also in the host city, with succinct directions for participants.

“Resist the Trump agenda. Join us in saying Trump is not welcome here! We will begin at 4 p.m. in front of Van Andel Arena. This is when the doors open for the event, so Trump’s supporters will already be lining up,” the group advised at its Facebook site, which indicated that some 3,600 people are interested in the event.

Democrats have also made their feelings known.

’We’ve got to take down Donald Trump. What happened to us in 2016 is never going to happen again,” Michigan Democratic Party chairwoman Lavora Barnes told the Detroit Free Press which referred to Mr. Trump’s Michigan victory in 2016 as “a heartbreaking lesson for Democrats.”

Indeed, Mr. Trump won 75 out of 83 Michigan counties in the 2016 election, besting his political rival Hillary Clinton by 10,704 votes this in a state which had been dominated by Democrats since 1988.