In case you’re wondering, it’s still striper season

August 24, 2018 GMT

BULLHEAD CITY — It’s still striper season on the Colorado River.

“Yep, we are still on the warm side, so our fishing has slowed some,” said Rusty Braun, proprietor of Riviera Marina in Bullhead City. “This is not saying the striper bite is off; it’s just slowed.

“Our local anglers are having some success both up on Lake Mohave and here along the Colorado River.”

As for Lake Mohave, Braun said, “The catfish bite is doing OK and some stripers are starting to appear. The dam area seems to be working the best so far, along with the coves near the power lines. Bait fishing is proving to be working the best for the stripers in these areas.

“There is some smallmouth action happening in the coves near the dam, along the shelves, with plastics performing well. Last I heard, it was a pumpkin color with flakes and the black with blue that were producing well.”

As for the river proper: “Below Davis Dam and along the casino area, there have been some stripers being pulled in.”

Braun noted that anglers Mike Merritt and Pat Farley routinely have been pulling in their limit using anchovies in the Community Park area. Further down-river, Megan Molloy hooked a 7.38-pound, 29-inch striper near Rotary Park, also using anchovies. And Bill Arnold brought in a few in the same general area, also on anchovies.

“There are other types of bait to try, although anchovies work well,” Braun said. “A good tip is to try some bait-wrap threat to help hold your bait on the hook longer and make it harder for the smaller fish to get it without getting hooked.”

The trout news is a little stagnant — not unusual for the summer months since the fish prefer colder water.

“I will try to get an update on our next trout plant, which should be coming up as soon as our weather is going to cool,” Braun said. “The the meantime, we need you anglers out there catching the stripers to protect the trout as this last stocking was to help with the caddisfly issue. These fish are on the small side but with big appetites and they will grow fast.

“Our next stocking will have some nice catchable-sized rainbow trout.”

If you’ve had some success and want to share the news, contact Braun at Riviera Marina, 520 Riviera Blvd., or give him a call at 928-763-8550.