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WFP quantifies the impact of food scarcity on migration

May 5, 2017

ROME (AP) — A new study by the World Food Program has quantified the impact of food insecurity and conflict on cross-border migration, showing a direct correlation between food scarcity and people fleeing for more secure destinations.

According to the study released Friday, every 1 percentage point increase in food insecurity compels 1.9 percent more people to migrate. In addition, each year of conflict drives 0.4 percent more people to flee a country.

At the same time, food insecurity fuels armed conflict and its intensity. And to complete the vicious circle, WFP says, “migration itself can cause food insecurity, given the costs and often hazardous conditions along the journey.”

WFP executive director David Beasley said “with so many of our brothers and sisters having fled their homes and facing so much hardship, it is our duty so shed light on their tragic situation.”