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Nevada begins gradually lifting eviction, foreclosure ban

July 3, 2020 GMT

LAS VEGAS (AP) — A moratorium on evictions and foreclosures in Nevada is being gradually lifted, with commercial landlords now being allowed to start evicting their tenants if they don’t pay rent.

Gov. Steve Sisolak ordered a halt to eviction proceedings starting March 30 because of the coronavirus, which led to shuttered businesses and many Nevadans out of work.

KSNV-TV reports that a new governor’s directive that took effect July 1 allows landlords of commercial properties to start eviction proceedings against tenants that have not paid.


Real estate attorney Jon Leleu helped the governor and state attorney general draft the new directive and said commercial landlords don’t want to evict tenants because it creates vacancies.

“When you have commercial vacancies in, let’s say a strip mall, you end up with less foot traffic, and less foot traffic means the existing tenants don’t see as much crossover business and eventually those leases that are in place become less valuable,” he said.

Leleu said ending the eviction moratorium for commercial properties gives the landlords more leeway to negotiate with tenants who haven’t paid rent during the pandemic. He said many landlords were struggling to pay the mortgages on their properties.

For residential properties, landlords can start evicting tenants on Aug. 1 for non-payment reasons, and only if the eviction process had started before March 30.

Residential landlords will be able to start evictions based on non-payment on Sept. 1. That’s also when mortgage foreclosures will be allowed to resume.