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Orchids and Onions: Tuesday, April 9, 2019

April 9, 2019 GMT

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to Danny with Havaclear Water Company for the excellent and professional job on our RO system. Also great price! P and J

Onions to the city. They need to put into effect weed abatement laws. Look at Acoma Avenue from Smith’s to S. Palo Verde and then down S. Palo Verde. Also Acoma down Constellation. Our beautiful town is turning into an eyesore.

Orchids to climate change. Without it the world would still be a solid rock.

Onions to the person with a tow hitch that hit my grandson’s car in the Safeway parking lot and didn’t leave your name and number. He worked so hard to get his car. Shame on you.

Orchids to one of our favorite fast food burger places for allowing beer to be brought in! Onions for it being tolerated. Pretty sure there is no liquor license for this establishment. It would be sad if you were closed down because of it. Shame on management for allowing it.

Onions to HS teachers, counselors, and admin who do not care when a student is getting Ds and Fs. I’ve talked to everyone and no one will help my child learn. These kids aren’t cattle to just shove through. Don’t you want your school grade to go up at least? I’m so disappointed.

Orchids to Dustin, our mail carrier on Marlin Dr. He is always smiley and pleasant when delivering the mail and packages. Yea Dustin!

Onions to the checkout clerk. Turning off the light when I was about to pay? Happens all the time. Do that again and I will personally request both of you to ring me!

Orchids to the person for allowing that snowbirds aren’t needed here for their money since the boaters are the real money makers. Unfortunately not all snowbirds are arrogant and I feel bad for you and your very small mind. We just enjoy it here. Sorry we own a house instead of a boat.

Onions to the brass it takes to raise our rates yet again and then continue to overtly censor the content of cable programs. Not too many would have the gall!

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