Puerto Rico warns Trump over emergency funds for wall

January 11, 2019 GMT

Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello blasted the administration Friday over reports that President Trump would take emergency funds aimed at rebuilding California, Texas and Puerto Rico and use them to build his border wall.

“No wall should be funded by the pain and suffering of citizens of the United States who have suffered a tragedy and loss through a natural disaster,” the governor said in a statement.

He demanded Mr. Trump say unequivocally whether he was eyeing the emergency money.

Mr. Trump on Thursday said unless Congress comes up with money for his border wall, he is almost certain to go around lawmakers and declare a national emergency, tasking the Pentagon with the project.


On Friday he sounded more reluctant, saying he was in no rush.

If he does go that route the Army Corps of Engineers would likely be the branch of the military charged with construction, and the White House has asked it to explore where the money would come from.

Probable candidates include some $17 billion in disaster recovery money the Army Corps was granted last year to help communities rebuild after Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria.