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Jail Inmates Use 200-Foot Rope of Bedsheets to Escape

December 19, 1994 GMT

PITTSBURGH (AP) _ Two jail inmates used a 200-foot rope made of bedsheets to escape - leaving the warden to wonder how they gathered so many linens. One of the two was recaptured early today.

″It seems like they did a lot of work,″ Warden Charles Kozakiewicz said after the imnates escaped from the Allegheny County Jail early Sunday.

One of the two, Timothy Johnson, was arrested shortly after midnight today at an apartment rented by a friend of his girlfriend, said Allegheny County police Sgt. Robert Payne.

″He’s back at home there for Christmas dinner,″ Payne said.

Police were still searching for Demetrius Grant.

Officials believe the two cellmates kicked through a weak spot in a plaster ceiling while lying on a top bunk bed at the 103-year-old stone jail. They made it to a crawl space, then broke through a second plaster ceiling.

From there, the men entered the jail’s attic and punched through the roof with several objects, including metal leg irons that had been in the attic for decades, Kozakiewicz said. They unfurled the bedsheets and climbed down, fleeing from the 620-bed jail in the heart of the city’s business district.

Grant, 29, and Johnson, 26, had been held in a section reserved for inmates with disciplinary problems. They faced multiple charges, including assault, weapons and theft.