Rhodes-Conway can solve problems -- Anita Weier

February 16, 2019 GMT

Because I worked with Satya Rhodes-Conway when we both served on the Madison City Council, I believe she would be an excellent mayor.

Rhodes-Conway works very hard, is extremely knowledgeable, and treats people with respect and fairness. She is purpose-driven, not ego-driven. In addition to serving three terms on the City Council, she has long worked for the Center on Wisconsin Strategy, a national think-and-do tank based at the UW-Madison that promotes high-road solutions to social problems. Particularly relevant is her work through the center directing the Mayors Innovation Project, a national learning network for mayors. She has helped mayors across the country implement progressive policy solutions in their cities.


She knows how to get things done. I believe Rhodes-Conway would finally solve some of Madison’s longstanding problems -- by basing decisions on facts and open discussions with the community and the City Council.

She has pledged to focus on housing, climate change, transportation and racial disparities. I believe she might overcome the inequality and poverty that has overwhelmed the North and South sides of town due to past housing, zoning and transportation decisions.

Former Ald. Anita Weier, Madison