Mountain State acquires Kluemper Insurance Agency

January 10, 2019 GMT

HUNTINGTON — Mountain State Insurance Agency, a privately-owned, independent insurance agent, fully acquired the Ted V. Kluemper Insurance Agency in Huntington on Jan. 1.

Founded more than 100 years ago, Mountain State currently serves large and small business and personal clients throughout West Virginia and the surrounding area out of its office in Charleston.

“Mountain State has been looking for the perfect vehicle to expand our footprint, and there is no better fit for us than acquiring Kluemper Insurance,” said Ross Johnson, president of Mountain State. “The Kluempers have built a solid reputation and have made a lasting mark on the insurance market in Huntington and beyond. We are proud to welcome them into the Mountain State family.”


Located just blocks from the Marshall University campus, the Kluemper Insurance building will soon transform into Mountain State’s second office but will retain some familiar faces. Ted Kluemper, the former president of Kluemper Insurance, and Kimberly Brown, a 22-year Kluemper employee, will become part of the Mountain State team to continue serving the greater Huntington community. Mountain State agent Brad Bobersky, already a resident of Huntington, will join them in the new office.

Kluemper Insurance was a family-run business, owned and operated in the Huntington area since 1935. After decades of local service, this acquisition is hardly the end of that legacy.

“All businesses need to change and grow, so this is a new beginning — another way I can provide excellent, expanded services to clients, both old and new,” Kluemper said.

Johnson added, “People are the lifeblood of our business. As a Marshall University College of Business graduate, I’m excited to grow my business in Huntington and to have access to Marshall as a pipeline for new talent. I believe this move is the next step in our continued success.”

KALI WELLNESS: KALI Wellness, located at 820 8th St. in Huntington, had a soft opening for the new CBD/Hemp retail business last week.

KALI Wellness is offering infused massage therapy by Thomas E. McFarland and a host of holistic wellness services will be offered in the future, according owner Erin Adair, who is also a hemp cultivator.

Adair, 37, said she has come full circle in her return to Wayne County to start an industrial hemp farm. For Adair, industrial hemp farming finds it roots in the medicinal benefits of cannabis — an often-misunderstood phenomenon. When she returned to her home in Wayne County in May 2018, she founded Mountain State Hemp company, the first step in her industrial hemp farming journey. Now she has opened KALI Wellness.


Adair said the negative connotation following hemp is because of its close relation to the marijuana plant, these misconceptions get in the way of the plant’s progress. While industrial hemp is of the same species of plant as marijuana, it’s genetically and chemically different. Hemp contains 0.3 percent or less delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the narcotic chemical found in marijuana. None of Adair’s 1,500 plants on her farm contain THC.

“Let’s celebrate the lift of the prohibition of hemp nationwide,” Adair said. “We are here to educate, promote health and wellness and serve the people of the Tri State Area. Join us in the process of healing our community and promoting health and wellness to the Tri-State area.”

According to a 2017 Congressional Research Service Report, Americans purchase around $580 million worth of hemp-based products each year and that number is expected to grow.

For more information about KALI Wellness, call Adair at 407-580-2576.

DANG GOOD CINNAMON ROLLS: Dang Good Cinnamon Rolls and Waffles is now open at The Market on 3rd Avenue in downtown Huntington.

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