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Retail Sales Conti Salomon, to UPDATE with revised Salomon index.

September 2, 1993

Undated (AP) _ Analysts who examined storeowners Home furnishing retailers, including department stores, farerom said that while women’s clothing sales were weak, the compa had better than expected sales in home items.

Shopper traail industry analyst with C.J. Lawrence Inc. Although the back- trend (for consumers) to buy things more at the time of need,’eed those items. Edelman said many parents who in the past woulng apparel purchases until the weather turns cooler.

Rick sumers were again held back by the same worries that have stiflalth care reform. Economists also have noted that consumers con bode well for the economy, which is dependent on consumer spen during which retailers hope to earn half their annual sales ancult.

″Christmas is going to be a function of consumer conalomon Brothers retail index, the investment firm’s barometer o sales from stores open at least a year rose 4 percent from Julare down from Wal-Mart’s usual performance. The company cited acing increased competition in the difficult warehouse retailing as same-store sales, are considered the most accurate measure res, where sales tend to be extraordinarily high. Same-store sa while overall sales rose 10.7 percent. Like Wal-Mart, Kmart ha Sears, Roebuck and Co. said same-store sales rose 10.9 percentales of major appliances.

Dayton Hudson Corp. said same-strcent.

J.C. Penney Co. Inc. said same-store sales at its fl, rose 4.1 percent.

May Department Stores Co. reported a 5se.

Federated said its same-store sales rose 2.1 percent, wler Limited Inc. reported same-store sales fell 1 percent while fell 3 percent, while overall sales rose 7 percent.

These the government, which includes sales from supermarkets, restau t0204 ----- u s BC-TEN--USOpenResults 09-02 0306 BC-esults Thursday of the $9.02 million U.S. Open tennis champions Singles Second Round

Arnaud Boetsch, France, def. Carrder, Australia (11), 6-4, 7-6 (7-3).

Matt Lucena, Chico, Greenwood, Ind., and Sven Salumaa, Bloomington, Ind., 7-6 (7-5 Barbara Rittner, Germany, def. Sandra Cecchini, Italy, 6-1, 6-26-4, 6-1.

Karina Habsudova, Slovakia, def. Monique Bonami,dano, Argentina, def. Emanuela Zardo, Switzerland, 6-4, 6-1. 6-2. Doubles First Round

Jill Hetherington, Canada,ister, Peru, and Heather Ludloff, Santa Rosa, Calif., 6-3, 6-3.anada, def. Laura Golarsa, Italy, and Catherine Suire, France, edith McGrath, Midland, Mich. (11), def. Julie Halard, France, Demongeot, France, and Robin White, Del Mar, Calif., 5-7, 6-3, f0099 9v173 u f BC-StandardandPoors1pmSt 09-02 0048 es: Industrials 521.94 - 2.16 Transpo 185.67 - 0.83 Financial 6 + 0.27 Composite 461.21 - 1.91 311 BC-FBN--NFL This Week, 2 Takes, ADV04-05,1397 $adv04 n of Sorts as NFL Kicks Off By DAVE GOLDBERG AP Football W slightly out of focus.

Joe Montana in a Kansas City Chiefs his first quarterback coach in San Francisco, and Steve DeBert two seasons ago, DeBerg was the Chiefs’ quarterback and foundgins, the Chiefs are one of the marquee teams, largely because .″

The team has been redesigned for him.

No more 255-e middle of the line to get into Nick Lowery’s field goal range backs are sleek Harvey Williams and all-purpose Marcus Allen, playoffs.

Montana seems to be in form, although he hasn’t pems. He played four quarters total in four exhibitions, going 2

Montana’s return comes on a day in which two of the quarte Rick Mirer of Seattle - make their debuts. It’s the first timeJones of the Colts and Joe Ferguson of the Bills did it.

Bb: going with the Seahawks to San Diego.

But for this weeker last spring after a comic opera dance in San Francisco, whers much more relaxed than in San Francisco, where the controversa loud leader,″ he says. ″If they want me to be a leader, it he Chiefs, away from Kansas City, where Montana’s arrival has ks 5-11 last year, has lost 10 or more games for 10 straight seave.

″If we keep trying to break a string of losing, we keeve thought out of your brain.″

So the 39-year-old DeBerg e team’s best player, to protect him. Gruber was unsigned goings are Atlanta at Detroit; Cincinnati at Cleveland; Denver at th vs. Green Bay at Milwaukee; Miami at Indianapolis; Phoenix at Angeles Raiders; the New York Giants at Chicago and Houston atton Monday night.

--- Dallas (13-3) at Washington (9-7) previous Super Bowl winners open the Monday night schedule, ann Washington.

The Cowboys have had a troubled preseason, asg out, Tony Casillas getting hurt, then three defensive backs ans have their own troubles as Richie Petitbon makes his debut a a knee injury, making Mark Rypien vulnerable to the Dallas pask Lassic replaces him. Lassic knows something about championshion the national college championship.

″I’ve always taken ″The bigger the game the better I play. When I’m in big games (2-14) at Buffalo (11-5)

Is this a ringing endorsement forssume that I’m going to try to do that,″ Bill Parcells said whell the world that the team he took over is the worst in the ledidn’t want to be, but that’s the way we are.″

Orchard Par- this time about three straight Super Bowl losses. This is oneions, but the pace speeds up by about a third when the regular 1-5)

The season is just starting and the quarterbacks are th Bill Musgrave, the third-stringer, who looked decent againste elbow, but the Steelers will stick with Mike Tomczak and let based on his performance against San Francisco three years ago.-yard line, leading to a San Francisco touchdown.

Pittsbursecondary that’s probably the NFL’s best.

--- Houston (1attle played every three years.

One key - the performance o6″ defense, installed and orchestrated by Buddy Ryan. Wade Wil and Craig Heyward is no longer around to pick up blitzers. seems valid.

″They keep telling us a lot of us older pla The Dolphins seem ready to take over the AFC East from the Billistory - from 1-15 to 9-7. Unfortunately for Indianapolis, the right time for the Colts to be playing Miami. Duane Bickett, thst inside linebacker, is out for six weeks, and Steve Emtman isd string. One feature will be two rookie running backs who coulfor Miami. MORE

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