Brooklyn Beckham’s new tattoo

July 11, 2017

Brooklyn Beckham has gotten a new tattoo.

The son of David and Victoria Beckham - who got two tattoos after turning 18 earlier this year - has added a third inking to his collection; a compass on his lower left arm.

Brooklyn shared a picture of the tattoo on Instagram and tagged the renowned artist Dr Woo, simply writing: “Thanks mate.”

In April this year, Brooklyn got his first tattoo, an image of a Native American chief, inscribed onto his forearm at the Shamrock Social Club in Hollywood, by the legendary tattoo artist Mark Mahoney .

Mark is the owner of and the principal artist at Shamrock Social Club, which is hugely popular with celebrities and he has also worked with Lana Del Rey on two of her music videos.

Brooklyn wrote: “Honoured to have my first tattoo done by dads friend Mark Mahoney(sic),” and added: “Thank you so much Mark x just like dads.(sic)”

While Brooklyn got his inking on his forearm, his father David Beckham has the same tattoo on his side.

And later that month, Brooklyn enlisted Dr Woo to complete his second inking; a camera on his upper left arm.

Proudly showing off the new ink, Brooklyn wrote: “Great second tattoo by @_dr_woo_ (sic).”

Brooklyn’s tattoo is a nod to his passion for photography and the youngster has already published a book of his pictures called ‘What I See’.

Meanwhile, David previously revealed he stopped Brooklyn getting his first tattoo because he wasn’t with him.

The 42-year-old retired soccer star - who has a number of inkings himself - had always made Brooklyn “promise” he could be with him when he got inked for the first time, so after being tipped off by a friend in Paris, France, that his eldest child was planning a secret body art session, he quickly intervened.

He said: “He was with his girlfriend in Paris, and one of my friends called me that was looking after him there and said, ’It’s not coming from me, but Brooklyn is in a tattoo shop with his girlfriend.

“And he’d always promised me, and I always said to him, ’Your first tattoo, if you’re gonna have one, your first tattoo, I want to be there just to experience it as a dad.

“That was the deal... So I called him, I FaceTimed him, and I said, ‘What are you doing mate?’ And he said, ‘I’m just going for dinner.’ And I was like, ‘Are you sure you’re going for dinner?’ And he was like, ‘Actually dad, I’m in a tattoo place. I was thinking about having something, I’m with my girlfriend.’

“I was like, ‘OK, you’re more than welcome to have it but you remember you promised me, and I’m your dad and I would feel really upset if you actually went through with it,’ so he didn’t. Thankfully he waited.”