Law Enforcement Are Under Assault At Every Level

April 12, 2019 GMT

Editor: The sad ending to the Jussie Smollett case shows that institutions of law enforcement are under assault at every level. It shows no sign of easing up as one political party continues to impugn law enforcement as “racist” and promises what it calls “reform” if given the power to do so. Law enforcement, like all institutions that once made this country great, is increasingly politicized. At the recent press conference, the Chicago police commissioner had a disgusted look on his face while the mayor commented on the charges being dismissed. People directly tied to the Obamas had their hand in this and the prosecutor’s feeble excuse insulted everyone’s intelligence. Charges could have easily been filed without asking for jail time just for the principle of the matter. This was most certainly a political decision based entirely on the twisted idea of “white privilege.” There has been a war against the authority of law enforcement at every level. When violence continues to skyrocket, as it does in every big city where Democrats have iron-fisted control, the usual suspects are the police, not the people setting the policies or the people who hate the institutions of law enforcement like the ACLU or Black Lives Matter. I have had 26-plus years dealing with criminals. As both a ministry volunteer and through three different career fields dealing with convicted offenders, I’ve seen it from all sides. There is little respect or understanding from politicians who have almost no experience but put arrogant bureaucrats in charge who answer to no one. Law enforcement deserves professional, mission-oriented leadership with the ability to make subjective decisions. Politically driven agendas like those of the Obamas and their cop-hating party are undermining this. Joseph Martin BERWICK