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Doctor Ordered to Stop Practicing

August 6, 1988 GMT

TAMARAC, Fla. (AP) _ A gynecologist accused of incompetence in one patient’s death and of drugging and sexually assaulting another has been barred from practicing medicine.

Dr. Jeffrey Goldenberg, 41, surrendered his license Friday to state Department of Professional Regulation officials, who said in a written emergency suspension order that Goldenberg presented an ″immediate and serious danger″ to the public.

The department accused Goldenberg of stitching up the abdomen of a woman on whom he performed a Caesarean section despite heavy internal bleeding. Goldenberg also botched his attempt to treat the woman after she suffered cardiac arrest, the department charged. The woman died after the operation.

The department’s case includes allegations that he performed at least seven unnecessary Caesarean sections and fondled a patient during an examination.

In a separate case, the agency also has accused Goldenberg of injecting a patient with sedatives and then sexually assaulting her, said Bruce Lamb, the agency’s chief medical attorney. Lamb said the agency has asked that the state Board of Medicine revoke Goldenberg’s license.

Goldenberg has refused to comment on the allegations.

No criminal charges have been filed against Goldenberg.

Goldenberg, 41, may ask that a state hearing officer review the allegations at a formal hearing. He also may appeal his suspension in district court.