Sale’s leader

March 19, 2017 GMT

Anytime your name keeps popping up with Pedro Martinez’ among all-time starting pitching leaders, you’re probably pretty darn good. In case you weren’t sure already, Chris Sale is pretty darn good. With a mastery of the strike zone that leads to a high number of strikeouts, few walks and an overall record of domination, the production in Sale’s first seven seasons put him on track for comparisons to some of the very best pitchers ever to play the game.

Here are four categories that Sale ranks among the top four:

Highest career SO/BB Ratio

(Live ball era; minimum 1,000 IP)

Pitcher SO BB Ratio

Chris Sale 1,244 260 4.78

Curt Schilling 3,116 711 4.38

Madison Bumgarner 1,381 322 4.29

Pedro Martinez 3,154 760 4.15

Mariano Rivera 1,173 71 4.10

Lowest Season ERA 2000-16

(American League pitchers only)

Pitcher Team Year ERA

Pedro Martinez Red Sox 2000 1.74

Felix Hernandez Mariners 2014 2.14

Zack Greinke Royals 2009 2.16

Chris SaleWhite Sox 2014 2.17

Consecutive Games WITH 10-plus K’s

Pitcher Team No. Year

Pedro Martinez Red Sox 8 1999

Chris Sale White Sox 8 2015

Randy Johnson Diamondbacks 7 2001

Pedro Martinez Red Sox 7 1999

Nolan Ryan Angels 7 1977

Consecutive Games WITH 12-plus K’s

Pitcher Team No. Year

Randy Johnson Mariners 5 1998

Pedro Martinez Red Sox 5 1999

Chris Sale White Sox 5 2015