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Overhaul Pa. Game Commission

May 12, 2019

Editor: The recent decision by the Pennsylvania Game Commission to change the opening day of the rifle deer season is a textbook example of why the agency needs a major overhaul. Once again, the commission has proven that it not only exists in a bubble, but that the bubble is shrinking. This proposal has been contentious from the beginning, yet the commission board went ahead, despite the virtually even split in the hunters’ ranks, let alone input and concerns by non-hunters to make the change. This decision will simply increase the tensions and opposition by the growing number of non-hunting outdoor users as well as suburban and rural landowners who oppose expansions of hunting. This action will add another Saturday to the season, which means more trespassing and other negative encounters between hunters and non-hunters. The appointment process for the Pennsylvania Game Commission board needs to be changed so the agency is brought into the 21st century ASAP. That means no more hunters being nominated by the governor and confirmed by the state Senate. Instead non-hunters, who exist outside the aforementioned bubble, need to be appointed until only one member is a hunter. This will reflect the true purpose and legal mandate of the agency, which is to oversee all wildlife for all Pennsylvanians. David Kveragas Newton

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