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Woman accused of double vehicular homicide back in jail on charges of shoplifting, lying to officers and bail jumping

September 5, 2018 GMT

For the second time this year, a woman accused of killing two people with her car and injuring a third is back in jail after failing to follow court mandated release conditions.

Brittney Moen, 25, was re-arrested Tuesday afternoon, this time under suspicion of shoplifting, in addition to making a false statement to an officer and felony drug possession. She was let out of jail just five weeks earlier after her attorney, Brooke Hagara, successfully argued to have her bond reduced from $100,000 to $50,000 – an amount that had already been argued in January, after she’s alleged to have skipped a court hearing.

After her most recent arrest, the 25-year-old also faces another felony charge of first-degree bail jumping.

Moen was charged late last year with hitting Sheera Cunningham, 41, Julius Cooper, 38, and Scott Keller with her car as they slept on a sidewalk near the Safeway grocery store in Hillyard on Oct. 8. Cooper and Cunningham were killed.

Moen told police and witnesses that her car’s alignment caused her vehicle to swerve onto the sidewalk and hit the three. Police, however, contend she was likely speeding when her car hit a bump and slammed into the side of the building.

In July, according to court records, Moen’s mother told the court her daughter would be living with her and she would “make sure she abides by all requirements and conditions” set by the court.