Early bird gets the deal?

December 23, 2017 GMT

When did you get a handle on your holiday shopping this year? If the week of Christmas came and you still weren’t quite there when it comes to gift gathering, you actually weren’t alone. Though the National Retail Federation reported a big rush in buying early this year, the final numbers balanced out at a pretty even split.

“This year we witnessed ‘a tale of two holiday shoppers’ with many jumping on retailers’ early, hard-to-pass-up in-store and online promotions, and others waiting until the last minute to wrap up their lists,” said Matthew Shay, NRF’s President and CEO.

The NRF enlisted Proper Insights & Analytics to do some number crunching and found that the average holiday shopper had already completed 52.9 percent of their shopping by Dec. 10, up from 49.9 percent last year. But what about the ones who hadn’t?


NRF analyzed that as well, asking those who had completed less than half their shopping by December why that might be. According to the results, nearly half (46.8 percent) waited because they were trying to decide what to buy still while roughly three in ten (28.4 percent) said they waited to get family and friend input. Another 28.4 percent noted other financial priorities as a reason for the delay with one in five shoppers (21.7 percent) admitting to procrastination and 23.4 percent waiting out the deals. As long as the gifts make it under the tree, right?