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Woman sentenced to one year in jail for home invasion

December 5, 2017

April Lynn Somsel, 38, 504 S. Emily St., was sentenced to one year in jail and two years probation on a charge of home invasion, in 51st Circuit Court Tuesday.

Somsel has a prior attempted home invasion first degree charge on her record from 2004 out of Oceana County, according to a report read by Mason County Prosecutor Paul Spaniola.

Items were taken from a home that Somsel says she was told is unoccupied.

“I’ve never denied what I did. I know it was wrong,” Somsel said to the court.

Somsel’s defense attorney Al Swanson indicated that the items Somsel took were “very minor.”

Items taken included a rake, pots and lighter fluid.

Somsel has struggled with controlled substance addiction since 2012, according to Spaniola.

“My son and daughter both committed suicide and I started abusing morphine,” said Somsel.

Somsel says she now suffers from a condition where her body overdoses itself on serotonin.

“They can’t treat me anywhere. It’s just very scary,” she said. “I’m asking that you just have a little mercy on me … I think I would benefit more from a rehab center or tether.”

Judge Susan K. Sniegowski did have some mercy on the defendant given the situation.

The things that were taken did not have a high dollar value, but you still entered someone else’s home to take them,” Sniegowski said to Somsel. “I agree that you’re in need of some sort of substance abuse treatment.”

As part of Somsel’s sentencing, she will have the opportunity to enter an inpatient treatment program after five months.