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Readers expect better than insults and nonsense

August 1, 2018 GMT

The News-Review Editorial Board appears confused on how to classify human males and females. In the July 29 editorial, the board declares, “He was born with female genitalia but identifies as a boy.” The News-Review accuses readers not persuaded of their viewpoint of “bullying, hatred, and outdated bigotry.” Really?

I’m not sure what scientific basis The News-Review uses in hoping to enlighten readers that a person born with female reproductive organs (and without male reproductive organs) is male. Certainly not the science of anatomy.

If reproductive organs are not convincing enough for The News-Review, it could consult the science of genetics. Female sex chromosomes have XX pairings while males have XY. Mutations rarely occur, but that’s not part of this particular issue.

Some boys pretend to be girls and some girls pretend to be boys. However their right to pretend does not give them the right to invade the privacy of real boys or real girls in restrooms, changing rooms and shower rooms.

Readers expect better than insults and nonsense from their newspaper of record.

Ron Bolt