Births 1/14/2019

January 14, 2019


GINDLE: A daughter, Dec. 28, to David Gindle and Ariel Kavulich, Taylor.

MARSH: A daughter, Dec. 16, to Daniel Marsh and Christine Gallagher, Factoryville.

SEKELSKY: A daughter, Dec. 18, to Richard Jr. and Anna Sekelsky, Nanticoke.

THOMAN: A daughter, Dec. 14, to Ronald and Samantha Howey Thoman, Moscow.


ALTIER: A daughter, Jan. 7, to Joseph and Teri Julian Altier, Archbald.

BELFANTI: A daughter, Jan. 7, to Michael and Ashley Garbarino Belfanti, Clarks Summit.

BONCZKIEWICZ: A son, Dec. 28, to Darryl Bonczkiewicz and Kimberly DePaolo, Scranton.

BURKE: A son, Jan. 7, to Raymond Burke Jr. and DeAnna Allen Clinebell, South Abington Twp.

EDLIS: A son, Jan. 6, to Jacob Edlis and Destiny Cubano, Scranton.

GILROY: A son, Dec. 26, to Corey and Katie Desuhaine Gilroy, Dunmore.

HARRISON: A son, Dec. 28, to James and Emily Kupinski Harrison, Scranton.

HEVERLY: A daughter, Dec. 29, to Nick and Katrina Heverly, Scranton.

KARKI: A son, Jan. 8, to Durga Karki and Bunu Tiwari Chhetri, Scranton.

LOMBARDO: A daughter, Jan. 5, to Michael and Amanda Knowles Lombardo, Pittston.

McNAMARA: A son, Jan. 4, to Shawn and Jamie Nealon McNamara, Scranton.

MEDINA: Twin daughters, Dec. 26, to Joseph Medina and Trisha Hegedus, Scranton.

MONETTA: A daughter, Dec. 28, to Gregory and Ashley Dixon Monetta, Dalton.

MORETTI: A son, Jan. 4, to Arthur and Allison Ducker Moretti, Scranton.

SANTANA: A son, Dec. 27, to Isaid Santana, Scranton.

SANTIAGO: A daughter, Jan. 8, to Edgar Santiago and Yanitza Benitez, Scranton.

SLOCUM: A son, Jan. 7, to William Slocum and Cassandra Novak, Scranton.

VENNICK: A son, Jan. 8, to Mark and Melanie Heard Vennick, Roaring Brook Twp.

WILLIAMS: A daughter, Dec. 27, to Mark and Julie Boland Williams, Dunmore.