Police Officer Allegedly Forced 2nd Woman Into Sex; Jailed

December 22, 2018
Cop Accused Of Blackmailing Woman For Sex During Traffic Stop

A police officer who allegedly blackmailed women into performing oral sex was jailed on $1 million bail Friday. Mark E. Icker, 29, of Dickson City pulled over two women in separate encounters earlier this month while on patrol and coerced them into sex acts in exchange for not being arrested, according to criminal complaints. Police charged him with involuntary deviate sexual intercourse and sexual assault, which are felonies, and with other crimes. Law enforcement is continuing to investigate, said Luzerne County Detective Chaz Balogh. He urged anyone with information or who might have been a victim to contact police by calling 911 and asking for him or Chief County Detective Michael Dessoye. People can also call the district attorney’s office during work hours at 570-825-1674. Icker is suspended from police departments in Ashley, Sugar Notch and Jessup. Police charged Icker on Thursday with misdemeanor counts of official oppression and using the threat of an official action. A criminal complaint alleged he pulled over the victim on Dec. 9 in Ashley Borough and told her she was speeding and crossed the center line. The woman gave Icker permission to search her car. When he found a bottle of pills, he warned her she could be arrested for driving under the influence because she was on prescription medications and said she could go to jail for violating release conditions in another case. “What can you do to help me help you?” Icker allegedly asked. According to the complaint, he said he would not arrest her in exchange for a sexual favor. Icker was released on $25,000 unsecured bail Thursday. During questioning, he admitted that in exchange for the sexual favor, he did not charge the woman with driving with a suspended license, speeding and driving under the influence. A law enforcement investigation into him continued. On Friday, county detectives came to his house. Icker was not home, but he returned to go with the detectives to Magisterial District Judge Joseph D. Spagnuolo, Jr. The judge read the criminal complaint for another case. This time, Icker was facing felony charges of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse and sexual assault. The criminal complaint in this case followed a similar pattern to the Dec. 9 case. Icker pulled over a driver while on patrol in Ashley and told her she was driving under the influence and on a suspended license, according to the complaint. He handcuffed her in the back of his patrol car. “What can you do to help me help you?” the complaint quotes Icker as asking. The victim told investigating law enforcement that she realized then the officer may have been insinuating a sexual encounter. “That’s up to you,” Icker allegedly said. He allegedly drove to Conyngham Street Park, and told the victim he was taking her to a police station and was working by himself. He directed her to perform oral sex, then to wash her hands, police said. Icker’s preliminary hearing in the felony case is scheduled for 9 a.m. Jan. 2 in Luzerne County Central Court.