Our View: Let Ducey keep on building the Arizona economy in a second term

October 30, 2018 GMT

Doug Ducey has had a pretty good run as Arizona’s governor. The state economy is booming. Talk with Ducey for a few minutes, and he’ll rattle off the names of the economic success stories over the last four years: 260,000 new private sector jobs. More than 300 companies relocating or expanding to Arizona. It’s a record Ducey has every right to boast about.

The problem is, must of that economic growth has occurred in Phoenix and Tucson. Those businesses aren’t coming to Mohave County so much. The major success story Ducey cites in our area is DOT Foods, a food distributor that opened for business in Bullhead City earlier this year, but that’s more of a reflection of economic incentives offered at the county level. Don’t misunderstand. Havasu is experiencing a prosperous period to be sure. But how much greater could things be with a little help from our friends in Phoenix?

During his visit to Lake Havsau City last week (his second public appearance in Havasu since he first ran for governor in 2014) Ducey acknowledged that rural areas needed greater attention from his administration in a second term.

“We want to focus on our rural areas as well as greater Phoenix and greater Tucson,” he told a News-Herald reporter. He said he plans to use opportunity zones, which allow businesses to receive tax incentives in return for their investments in designated areas, to focus on economic development in rural parts of Arizona.

We hope that’s more than lip service. Ducey has a lot to brag about from his first term. Let’s see if he can extend what he’s done for metropolitan Arizona to the rural areas in a second term. Ducey deserves your vote for Arizona governor on Nov. 6.

— Today’s News-Herald