YMCA donation to help flood victims

April 18, 2019 GMT

SCOTTSBLUFF — The Scottsbluff Family YMCA spent Wednesday morning filling a trailer full of items to donate to fellow YMCA members who are experiencing hardship from catastrophic floods in late March.

Candie Albright, social media and marketing director, said at a recent staff meeting, everyone was pondering ways to help, so she reached out to a friend who works at the Omaha YMCA.

“We knew we wanted to help in some way because of the impact on families,” she said. “We just needed to know how we could show our Panhandle support.”

Albright learned about what items were most needed.

“They told me what was most needed was gift cards, trash bags and mens’ shoes,” she said. “Men’s shoes were a big thing.”

She was told that women’s and children’s shoes are often easily collected during tragic times, but that men often get left behind. So she made sure they wouldn’t be forgotten this time.

The YMCA asked members and volunteers in the community to help fill their trailer.

“Longfellow Elementary School’s running clubs held an event on Saturday and collected a lot of items,” she said. “That was really helpful.”

Albright said some families’ homes are still in several feet of water and they cannot even return to begin cleaning up, forcing them to find other places to stay.

“A lot of them are over extending their savings by having to live in other places,” she said.

Albright said no one wants to be without a home or be forced to move to a different location and she hoped the items would help as individuals and families move toward rebuilding. Gift cards were also a popular request to help families who have been struggling.

“Some families have lost jobs due to where their job was located,” she said. “This will hopefully give some help from our end of the state.”

All the items donated are destined for YMCAs in Valley, Nebraska, and Mills County, Iowa.