Fred Barber: Education and over-education

November 26, 2018


The New America Foundation states that the Federal Government spent $69 billion in 2013 on its hodgepodge of financial aid programs, such as Pell Grants for low-income students, tax breaks, work-study, special funding, etc. And that doesn’t even include government loans or the GI Bill. There seems to be no newer data than 2013 from our government on college costs to taxpayers.

I have absolutely nothing against the GI Bill—I used it myself after the Korean War. I finally stopped using the Bill as I was making enough money to pay for my own books and college. Some folks should NOT go to college—they should get a technical education and become mechanics, welders, carpenters, bricklayers, oil-drillers, and so forth. A young student with an IQ below 95 doesn’t have a shot—he or she could be liberal voters though as brainwashing is easier. Hey! Maybe that is what it is all about—liberal voting.

I was going to a university in Californian years ago and they started a program for a special group of students—they could get a Bachelor’s degree but it took five years. Their degree paper looked just like mine. Unbelievable!

We have over-educated too many of our young people. My wife always says, “They are educated beyond their ability.” And that is really true. You can tell by the way people voted in the last election — no better proof than that.

Fred Barber

Lake Havasu City

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