Teen’s project to replace signs in Bridgewater Channel

November 30, 2018 GMT

A 16-year-old Lake Havasu City resident is working to change the look of signs along the Bridgewater Channel in 2019.

Lance Yearick knew he wanted his Eagle Scouts community service project to involve numbering in the channel to help Havasu visitors and residents who frequent the area. After sharing a few ideas with city officials, he decided his project would focus on replacing some of the 13 signs along the channel.

While he initially planned to replace four of the 13 signs along the channel and touch up the paint on the rest, Yearick was able to raise enough money to cover the cost of all 13 signs. If the city gives him permission to do so, all of the signs could be replaced, he said.

Taking inspiration from amusement park signs and recently placed wayfinding signs around town, Yearick went to South Side Signs with an idea of what he wanted the new signs to look like. After learning about his project, South Side Signs worked with his ideas to create a design and offered Yearick a discount on the project cost. Yearnick raised $300 to pay for the signs.

The new signs will use similar colors as those used on wayfinding signs around town and would include an outline of the channel with numbers on the image. The new signs will also indicate where parks, restrooms and lighthouses are located along the channel. “Welcome to the Bridgewater Channel,” will be above the image, and below, the signs will read, “Welcome to Paradise.”

The existing signs are about 10 years old. Their paint, now faded, is a brownish gray. They show an image of a boat along a shore, a sun and palm trees with “Lake Havasu” over the image. The signs read, “Welcome to the Bridgewater Channel” above the image, and, “Enjoy paradise!” below.

Yearick, a sophomore at Lake Havasu High School, coordinated with Mark Clark, Lake Havasu City maintenance services manager, and other city officials to get the permission he needed to move forward with the project.

He started the project almost a year ago. Yearick expects the project to be completed early next year, he said.

“It takes a lot of time and effort but it’s definitely worth it,” he said. “From all of the praise and everything I’ve received for it, it’s definitely nice to see that this project isn’t just something hidden in the background.”