Bare-bones convention board discusses filling openings

November 15, 2018

HARLINGEN — The meeting of the Convention and Visitors Bureau board yesterday was its first in four years, due to what city officials admit are the strict requirements placed on experience required for the panel.

City guidelines require the board be comprised of two members with experience in hotel management; a member with a background in restaurant management; a member with experience in retail management; a member with an arts background; a member with experience in promoting sporting events; and a person with a background in eco-tourism.

To try to fill spots meeting those strict requirements, and to resurrect the CVB board, the city reduced the overall board’s number from 12 to seven, although only four board members have been seated.

They are Michelle Lopez and Rex Warren, both with hotel experience, Arnold Gomez, who has retail experience, and Javier Mendez, the current director of the city’s Parks and Recreation Department.

Near the end of yesterday’s meeting, some board members questioned whether the requirements to serve on the board were overly strict, and Warren noted that if one of the four current board members was absent there would be no quorum to conduct business.

“ The city is looking for additional board members,” said Cassandra Consiglio, the CVB director. “The requirements are very specific,” which has prevented the City Commission from filling the board to its optimum seven members.

Warren said he felt the requirements were “too specific,” but Consiglio answered it might be difficult for the commission to revise the requirements.


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