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Sycamore adds stop sign, parking restrictions downtown

November 8, 2016 GMT

SYCAMORE – The intersection of Locust and Exchange streets in downtown Sycamore will become a three-way stop instead of a two-way to accommodate traffic around the DeKalb County Jail expansion site.

The Sycamore City Council voted, 7-1, Monday to approve the change and to designate no-parking zones on both sides of Sacramento Street from State to Exchange. Council member Steve Braser opposed.

Traffic along Locust now will have a southbound stop sign at the Exchange intersection.

Mayor Ken Mundy said the intersection usually is busy, and it has been more so because of traffic going to and getting around the jail construction.

“Putting a three-way stop there means we have better traffic control and more order, especially as people venture into that area,” he said. “Maybe they’re in Sycamore to do court business, or they’re not familiar with the neighborhood. The free [parking] lots are over that way close by, so we want to make sure people get through that area safely.”

City Manager Brian Gregory said the first block of Sacramento Street north of State Street is a mostly commercial area, and vehicles parking there make the street too narrow for passing traffic. The street also is a common route for cement trucks, he said.

Police Chief Glenn Theriault said no parking spots are painted along this section of the street, but there are no restrictions, either.

“[The street] is so wide there, it appears as though it may be parking, but in fact it’s not,” Theriault said. “It’s been widened, I believe, based on [Illinois Department of Transportation] regulations. At times, we’ll get two cars that will park there.”

Braser said the council should consider rerouting trucks from this street rather than restricting parking.

However, Theriault said, state regulations make it difficult to ban trucks from streets.

“While it’s possible, I don’t know if it’s practical,” Theriault said. “It would also be diverting all of that truck traffic that needs to go to the west back around and through downtown traffic.”