Negotiating Advice for Golden, Nangle: Be Bold

July 25, 2018

Your article reported on two Lowell legislators set to lead conference panels to negotiate with their Senate counterparts over the terms of environmental and renewable energy legislation. State Reps. Tom Golden and Dave Nangle said they felt honored, humbled and excited to have been appointed to lead these negotiations. But Golden and Nangle have tough jobs: During a time period when the public knows climate change is accelerating, and Washington is moving backward on climate action, whatever they negotiate, some constituents will be dissatisfied that it does too little, and others will complain it’s too aggressive. They really have a thankless job.

Therefore they should consider tossing the usual political arguments on environment, energy, and economy out the window. Instead, they should spend all the political capital they can afford (and maybe a little bit they can’t afford) to craft the strongest bill possible.


It should be as a sign of respect for their House colleague, my representative, Frank Smizik. He is retiring this year from the House where he has served as chair of the House Committee on Global Warming and Climate Change. During the years that I’ve followed state climate legislation, the House has tended to pass weaker, less creative, less effective legislation than the Senate.

Show respect to Frank.