Letter: Faulty math on mental illness in America

March 1, 2018

President Donald Trump and politicians who accept money from the NRA, such as Marco Rubio, like to argue that mass shootings are a mental health problem rather than a gun control problem.

If that were the case, then based on the relative ratios of gun deaths, what these politicians are really saying is that Americans are four times more mentally ill than Australians, five times more than Iranians, nine times more than people in Zimbabwe, 13 times more than people in India, 16 times more than the British, and 60 times more mentally disturbed than the Japanese.

The president and the NRA would rather have us believe that America is suffering from a level of mental illness that far exceeds the rest of the world rather than draw attention to the logical correlation between mass shootings and the ease of buying a semi-automatic rifle in the United States. Of course, there is the equally obvious correlation between the policies of these politicians and the amount of money they receive from the NRA.

Nick Veronis, Greenwich