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Roseburg City Council gives city manager authority to accept FAA grant for airport runway fix

August 28, 2018

The Roseburg City Council on Monday gave City Manager Lance Colley the authority to accept up to $200,000 in additional Federal Aviation Administration funding for removal of obstructions to the Roseburg Regional Airport runway.

About two years ago, the federal government labeled Mount Nebo an obstruction to the airport runway. And because of that, the city was required to stop using its nighttime instrument approach. Without it, pilots are forced to land using a visual approach, meaning they can’t land there at night during cloudy conditions.

Since then, the city has been working on mitigating the problem. It plans to install a Precision Approach Path Indicator, and to remove obstructions, with the hopes that the Federal Aviation Administration will consider that good enough and restore the airport’s right to use its nighttime instrument approach.

The FAA had previously approved a $200,000 grant for the project. However, Colley told the Roseburg City Council on Monday night it’s recently become clear the cost will be at least $100,000 more than that. That’s because some additional obstructions, including trees and utilities, have to be removed from the area.

Colley said the FAA has indicated it would be willing to spend about $200,000 more, and so he asked the council to approve the larger amount, in case it’s needed. The council agreed, and approved the larger amount.