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3 Sisters Give Birth on Same Day

March 13, 1998 GMT

AMERICAN FORK, Utah (AP) _ The question that computer science professor Ernie Carey posed to his class was not just academic: What’s the probability of three sisters giving birth on the same day?

His oldest daughter, Karralee Morgan, gave birth at 7:18 a.m. Wednesday to her first child, Camaron Scott. A few hours later, sister Marrianne Asay also was admitted to American Fork Hospital. She gave birth to Dallin, her second child, at 3:25 p.m.

By then, Carey had raised the question with his class at Utah Valley State College about the odds of a third daughter giving birth the same day.


``Then I called him and said our third daughter was going into labor,″ Lynn Carey said. ``He threw up his hands and said, `Number three is in labor, class dismissed.‴

At 8:58 p.m., Jennifer Hone delivered Sera McKell, her second child, at Timpanogos Hospital in Orem.

While the three sisters enjoyed being pregnant together and joked about having their babies on the same day, they did not expect it. Hone was due March 15, Asay was due April 1 and Morgan was due April 4.

Morgan and Asay are sharing the same hospital room with their new babies.

``We might as well share a room. We shared one most of our lives. But it’s the same as when we were younger _ we still aren’t getting any rest,″ Asay said.

To gloat about winning the race, Morgan and Asay sent flowers to Hone with the message, ``Ha, ha, we beat you _ Camaron and Dallin.″

As for the odds, if the three mothers hadn’t all gotten pregnant about the same time, then you could say that each baby had a one-in-365 chance of having March 11 as his or her birthday. The probability of the occurrence of the three successive births on the same date would be about one in 50 million.