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Not even gold shines like mom

May 12, 2019 GMT

“It may be possible to gild pure gold, but who can make his mother more beautiful?”

And who can quibble with the eloquent words of Mahatma Gandhi? Mothers always will hold a special place in the hearts of humankind, and we should honor them every day and not only on the second Sunday in May.

But that particular Sunday annually brings us Mother’s Day, and another one is upon us this weekend. Inside today, there are several pieces that pay homage to motherhood. They include:

• Columnist Ron Jackson writes about the nonstop devotion our mothers’ display. A2


• Thousands of songs have been performed about dear old Mom. This weekend’s “Five things” feature describes five of the more notable tunes. A2

• Readers provide feedback on their fond feelings for Mom. A3

• Life has centered around one church for 93-year-old mother. D1

• Columnist Sharon Randall salutes her ‘one and only’ mama. D2

• Books made for Mother’s Day reading. D2

• Newborn bundles of joy arrive for moms (and dads). D5