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April 5, 2019 GMT

I am infuriated! MAD! MAD! MAD! We, as Idahoans, are always saying we can take care of our own. Are we sure? According to the Idaho State Journal article dated, March 1, 2019, Idaho House failed (down party lines) to pass a measure that would have prohibited 12 year-olds from being married with parental consent. The statement was quote “Lawmakers opposed to the legislation argued that the government shouldn’t get involved in marriage” (especially that of a twelve-year old). Now, here we are in April, with blue windmills all over our communities with public officials everywhere touting “Let’s end child abuse.” Really?


Why, would we continue to condone the marriage of a 12 year-old under any circumstance in the same state that says “let’s end child abuse?” Since it’s apparent that we cannot pass a law to protect them, why don’t we remove all names from the sex offender list that have messed with any child, ages 12 and over. Why don’t we remove the child protection agencies, the police departments involved with any sexual abuse cases, and the prosecuting attorneys, involving a child over the age 12! Think of it! The savings to the state of Idaho funding formula! It will greatly improve our funding for health and welfare, law enforcement, and education since we will now mess up anyone over the age of 12! Our youth will no longer attend school since they are now servicing their much older predator(s)! Savings to our conservative parties!

While we’re at it, since we live in such an upright conservative state with strong religious views, advocate and advertise for those that want those same accelerated opportunities, come and rape our young youth? Since we’ve done that, now we can continue to hide those whispered conversations of the “family secret”, the “closed-door conversation”, the “subject we won’t talk about from this day forward.”

Instead, let us continue to convince our youth, who, of course been exposed to sex education classes, that it was their fault. Right? They asked for it! They seduced the adult! It was the clothes they were wearing. Right? And don’t forget? Since the child is 12, they will still be viewed as a child continuing into their adulthood unable to vote until they’re 18 or have a drink until they’re 21. Right? But, of course, will continue to allow the predators to have their FULL legal rights and their conservative views be heard, and their traditional ways protected, while they continue to hide behind the leaders of their religions and political parties claiming they are conservative with their high moral values!

And we wonder why our drug and suicide rates are so high in Idaho…

Dear God, please bless our youth since we apparently can no longer take care of own! AMEN!

Connie Sistrunk,