Man sentenced in Santa Fe for lying in murder case

February 24, 2018 GMT

Bronson Tony, 45, a Navajo Nation member from Gallup, was sentenced Thursday in federal court in Santa Fe to six months in prison and a year of supervised release for making false statements to the FBI, the U.S. Attorney’s Office said.

Tony was charged with falsely stating on two occasions in 2016 that he and others did not accompany his brother, Brian Tony, 46, of Gallup and a male victim to an area on the Navajo Reservation in McKinley County on May 8, 2016, “where the male victim was later murdered.”

Bronson Tony entered a guilty plea in August, admitting that he, his brother and the victim drove to an area called “Superman Canyon” and that Bronson Tony made false statements to the federal agents regarding his whereabouts the day of the killing.

A federal jury found Brian Tony guilty in September 2017 of first-degree murder and two counts of witness tampering, according to a news release. At sentencing, Brian Tony faces a mandatory sentence of life imprisonment.