letter to the editor No collusion; shut down investigation

December 7, 2018 GMT

No collusion; shut down investigation

Fourteen State Attorneys General requested U.S. Acting Attorney General Mathew Whitaker to recuse himself from overseeing Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, according to the Connecticut Post (Nov. 11).

Recusal shouldn’t and most likely will not happen for good and proper reasons.

Mueller’s investigation has gone nowhere. It has produced zero evidence after more than 18 months and millions of taxpayers’ dollars. There is no evident collusion shown between the Trump campaign and Russia’s Vladimir Putin to influence the 2016 election.

According to the Post, the AG’s letter to Whitaker stated, “Your recusal is necessary to maintain public trust in the integrity of the investigation ...”

Wasn’t the public’s trust in the investigation’s integrity destroyed by Mueller himself, a long time ago, when at the outset, he appointed a biased team of nothing but partisan anti-Trump investigators?

With not one iota of evidence uncovered after all of this time and waste of tax dollars, the investigation is seen as having gone nowhere, with no prospects for the future.

Consider that Mueller’s appointment was based on false and probably illegal documentation, namely the scurrilous Steele affidavit. Now is the time the investigation needs to be shut down, having failed to produce any credible evidence. It is obvious that there was no collusion.

However, there is clear and credible evidence of wrong doing and collusion between the Justice Department, the FBI, the Clinton campaign and the Clinton Foundation in the 2016 campaign.

Paul G. Littlefield