Axes and ales: West Virginia deli to add ax throwing, beer

December 6, 2017 GMT

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) — A sandwich shop in West Virginia’s capital plans to expand next week to add craft beer and ax throwing.

Chadrick Harper, owner of the Lucky Dill Deli, tells WSAZ-TV the addition will be called “Axes and Ales” and will allow customers to hurl real axes into a wooden target.

Starting Dec. 14, the Charleston business expects to have five ax-throwing courts open Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings.

There are rules.


You have to be 21 to play and get safety training. It costs $40 to reserve one court, separated from others by Plexiglas dividers, for one hour. Up to four can play.

A projector displays the target, tells people when to throw and when to pull an ax off the target to ensure that no one is in the line of fire.


Information from: WSAZ-TV,